Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interesting (at least to us) things that happened to us


Isaac woke up with what appears to be a cold sore!  It doesn't seem to bother just looks awful.  Audrijana came home worried that she was "going to catch a leaking ear" from her friends at school.  And later in the evening she started crying that her ear was hurting her.  I looked at it, and it seemed a little red.  Guess I'll be calling the doctor in the morning for both of them.

Bruce had basketball practice for his house league team tonight.  He's always so excited on basketball days.  He's learning so much and his skills are improving all the time.  He's such a joy to have as a son.

Martha is counting down the days until her school Quebec trip next week.  I'm not.  What will I do without her for 4 days?  She's such an amazing daughter.  Grandma J. got it right when Martha was a baby, calling her an "old soul."  Sometimes I forget she's only 13!  And then there are those days when she totally acts her age (which of course is okay!)

Maggie and I finally started her research for her Canada project.  Of course, she was supposed to have the research at school today....but it was a 5-game basketball weekend, and I just couldn't muster up the energy to help her.  Her project is on cool things she's learned about the Canadian flag, the National Anthem, and the Arms of Canada.  Surprisingly, it's been pretty interesting!


Ok, so Isaac's cold sore is fine...and Audrijana does not have the dreaded 'leaking ear' she was so worried about!  Whew!  What a relief!

And on the addiction front, it was so weird to go to the clinic and not have to go in.  Mike is now down to 4mg/ml so he'll be done in a few more weeks.  What will we do every Tuesday morning when we don't have to go there at all anymore??????

A week from today Martha leaves for Quebec....she is so excited it's almost annoying!  Almost!!!


Isaac decided to climb on top of our cedar chest and dance his little heart out!  He doesn't care what music is on, even a commercial!  I know because I'm his mom, I'm supposed to think he's cute....but I swear, he really is the cutest thing ever!

I've been scanning, sorting and editing a ton of old family photos and I've got to say I have the most beautiful grandmas in the world (well, one's in Heaven, but you know what I mean!)

Here's a pic of Grandma Dorothy:

And here's one of Grandma Maggie:


Isaac, Martha, and Audrijana all got their bangs cut.....this was Isaac's first haircut.  His bangs have been in his eyes for a while now but I was procrastinating! As usual!  Isaac did not seem to be too impressed when he saw the scissors coming at him.

Okay, so you can't really tell that any of his hair was cut but trust me it was!  I cut  almost 2 inches off of his bangs!  People keep asking me why I haven't cut the rest of his hair...and my response is always, "No way! He's going to be a long-haired hippy freak!"


Nothing too exciting happened today so I'll take the time to mention that being in my second week off of methadone, I feel like I'm me again for the first time in a long time.  I don't feel so blah anymore.  I'm finding happiness and joy in all the little things again.  It feels darn good!


Bruce had house league basketball today...and I know I mention this all the time on Facebook but he is getting better and better every week!  He actually took a couple of shots today (he missed, but still, it's good!)  He still has trouble remembering the difference between playing offense and defense but he'll get there soon.

Saturday afternoon I finished reading one of the best books I've read in a long time, Saving Max, by Antoinette van Heugten.  The book is about a mother who sends her son to a psychiatric hospital where his symptoms progress to the point where he is charged with murder.  It was so disturbing that at some points I thought I was going to throw up.  I also cried, laughed, got really angry, and felt really guilty at different points in the novel (all signs of a good book!)


We went to church today and were blessed by Pastor Jeeva's message "The 7/11 prophecy."  Good things are coming!  I've put in my claim! 

That's been our week.  Every week being clean is a blessing.  And every week being a Mom to my amazing children is a blessing! Oh yeah, and having a Mike as my partner in crime (no real crimes, anymore) is a blessing too!

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