Saturday, September 29, 2012

My dah-ling Maggie!

Before I get into anything else, I've got two things to share.  First, I'm super excited about two finds I've recently acquired.  The first is an antique school desk that I found put out for garbage!  I think it's maple.  And it even has the inkpot holder.  It is missing the drawer underneath the seat, but Mike promises me that he will build one for it soon (hopefully it won't take as long as it took him to build the swingset - 2 years!) My plan is to refinish it and restore the desk to it's original beauty.  Isaac has already claimed it as his as he loves to sit at it and read or 'write' or colour.

And my second exciting find was a vintage Polaroid ColorMark Land Camera for only $4.  And it is in mint condition, with the manual and case and some original posting boards.  I could not believe that the thrift store was selling it for that ridiculously low price.  I almost feel bad for not giving them more. I've cleaned it all out, put batteries in it and it works...I just need to get some film for it. 

Oh and one other cool thing to mention is I've found a great online community for women interested in bible studies.  It's  I've really found it great to study God's word with other women and be able to discuss it with a large group of fellow Christian women.  I like that there are people from all over and from a wide range of backgrounds.  It's definitely worth checking out!

Ok so I've been updating about the kids.  And continuing chronologically, next up is the always funny, ever so beautiful Maggie.  She just turned 12 a couple of weeks ago and is growing into such an amazing young lady.  My Mom recently had a family get-together when my Uncle Jack and Aunt Kelly were up from Florida and I was so absolutely proud of Maggie (and all the other kids too!)  She helped prepare dinner, set the table, asked people if they needed a drink, and had some good conversations with different people.

Maggies interests currently are:  One Direction (ugh!), playing on her dsi and ipod, anything to do with fashion or makeup, scrapbooking (I wonder where she gets that from?), and of course she loves doing anything outdoorsy!

This is Maggie after getting her face painted at our church's Fall Festival.  Our church is Forks Road East United Church here in Wainfleet.

And this pic was taken just before school started.  Most of my kids are sick of me taking their photos all the time, but not Maggie!  She would let me take pics of her all day long!

Well, thanks for stopping by.  And God bless you!

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