Tuesday, October 2, 2012

News about Martha

Ok, so continuing on the updates, it's time for me to update you about Martha.  Wonderful, responsible, Martha.  Seriously, she's 14 (almost 15) and thank God we've not had any of those horrific teen battles all parents have nightmares about.  She never gives us a hard time about anything, whether it's extra chores, or babysitting, or plans getting cancelled or rearranged (which happens alot around here.)  I'm not saying she's perfect because she's not (and only Jesus ever was or ever will be) but she is one heck of a young lady.

She's started her own blog about a topic she knows a lot about: bullying.  If you have a chance, go check it out  at www.bullyinghelpsite.blogspot.ca and leave her a comment.  I know she would love that.  She's included some really powerful videos and she's also written a bit about her personal experience.  As her Mom, I'm super proud of how she's willing to share her story and how she wants to do what she can to help other people that are going through any type of bullying.

At school, Martha has also joined the Gay-Straight Alliance (I think that's what it's called!)  I'm pretty sure this is because she has seen people being bullied because of their sexuality and like I said earlier, she wants all forms of bullying to stop.

Oh yeah, and she's part of the Inter-school Christian Fellowship (ISCF) too.  High school has been good for Martha because it's a much larger setting than her elementary school.  She's gaining back the self-confidence she lost and she's pursuing her interests more and more.


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